Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reminder of Links

Just in case you had forgotten, I do update my Google Notebooks much more often than I post an entry here.
Make sure that you check out the Halloween links.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Car

After a few weeks of no mini-van and several days of research, we went and bought a new vehicle. It's a blue 2008 Hyundai Entourage. We did ok at Alexandria Hyundai. Let's walk around the vehicle and see what it looks like. Now that we're at the back, let's open the hatch and take a peak inside. I like the way that the rear seats can fold down into the bin. I also like the bin itself; it should stop stuff from rolling around the whole cabin. The process of folding the seats is pretty easy too. Just pull on the cloth straps. First you pull on the long one to unhook the seat back. Then you can fold it down. Then you pull on the small one to lift the whole seat up and toward you. And finally push it all the way into the bin. There is a down side to this folding seat stuff: the seats are pretty close to the floor and there isn't that much leg room. It's really made for kids. But let's move on to the middle seats. The middle seats are fairly nice bucket seats. They are not as low to the ground and there is much more leg room here. Adults can handle these seats. Not to be outdone by the back seats, these also very easy to fold up. If you pull the lever at the base of the seat, the seat folds forward. When the top is completely down, the base also lifts up. Note that there is also a cloth strap in the rear so that you could do these from the outside or from the rear. Finally, the seats themselves can be ulatched and lifted out of the vehicle for even more room. The last picture is of the front console and instrument panel. So far so good.