Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feeds for the Day

Let's begin exploring some of the feeds that I try to keep an eye on.

First up is the Make Magazine blog site (here's the feed). You'll find plenty of fun things to do here. Some are pretty hard-core techie, others are merely geeky, but most are fun. And you don't have to buy the magazine. There is also some cross-over with the Craft Magazine blog.

Next is Make's sister blog site Craft Magazine (here's the feed). This is kind of like the domestic side of Make. So you'll see crafts, recipes, sewing patterns, and the like. Most of the food pointers I share come from this site.

If you want crafts and only crafts, then maybe How About Orange is worth a look (here's the feed). I don't remember much in the way of overlap between Orange and Craft so you'll find some more ways to use your time (other than surfing the net).

For more practical projects, you can check out the DIY Life site (here's the feed). You'll find fairly detailed instructions for how to do stuff around the house. You'll get a tip you really can use pretty much every day.

Finally, you can check out Instructables. It's not a blog, and while it does have a feed, it has a much broader coverage and a significantly higher volume of posts than pretty much any other feed I'd mention. I'd actually recommend this site more for browsing or searching for a particular item rather than subscribing to the main feed. But since so many good projects are here, I couldn't avoid mentioning it.

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yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

I like DIY Life. I'll have to check it more often.